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We have been noticing that a number of Alpacas are winning Championships that posses conformational faults and being awarded for short dense fleeces with few judges going into the extremities to check for consistency and length. Some of these alpacas by year 3 or 4 are only producing 2 to 3 inches of fleece??. We have a long wat to go to get where Merino sheep have advanced to!! Focusing on neck fibre and full body, to match the blanket, for the life of the animal. We continually focus on breeding Macho's that possess the advanced qualities. All our alpacas are DUAL registered or eligible. Let our 20+ years of experience help you to produce a Future CHAMPION. We are proud to have won over 20 Supreme Championships and over 100 Championships in halter and fleece, for both color and white, and our trilled to see breeders we have sold to bring home Championships. .Check out Co-Owned Herdsire with Caley Alpacas. MFI/TNT Peruvian Foundation. He's extraordinary, and producing Champions on bot ...Read More

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Birchleaf Foundation's Kanita

LETS DEAL :) Put together any package and lets discuss a deal. We selectively bred and culled over 20 yrs to this point in time, to a herd we are extremely proud of !!!

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MFI & TNT Peruvian Foundation

Foundation is all Macho and is a stunning representative of the breed.He is a true impact male, that we don't have to wonder if his progeny are not going to be a backwards step from the dam. He is ab ...Read More

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MFI/TNT Peruvian Foundation Genetics available. Foundation offspring are outstanding in every way. We have created a herd of conformation ally sound alpacas over the last 22 yrs. Culling hard for any conformational flaw. Our males have to be exceptional in all areas.This includes Presence, temperament, and correct jaw alignment. If the fleece is exceptional but is lacking in any other area we cull. We do not cull to other breeders but for pet food. Our strict program benefits both us and you.