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Birchleaf Alpacas
Vance & Darcy Rycroft
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We have been noticing that a number of Alpacas are winning Championships that posses conformational faults and being awarded for short dense fleeces with few judges not going into the extremities to check for consistency and length. Many of these alpacas by year 3 or 4 are only producing 2 to 3 inches of fleece?? We continually focus on breeding Macho's that possess extreme fleece length and density, advanced fleece structure. All our alpacas are DUAL registered or eligible. Let our 20+ years of experience help you to produce a Future CHAMPION. We are proud to have won over 20 Supreme Championships and over 100 Championships in halter and fleece, for both color and white, and our trilled to see breeders we have sold to bring home Championships. .Check out Co-Owned Herdsire with Caley Alpacas. MFI/TNT Peruvian Foundation. He's extraordinary, and producing Champions on both sides of the border. Foundation is a true impact sire, that stamps out the full package, buyers of his offspring are elated with their quality and results. He set a record at the CNASF in 2019 that will probably never be matched, his offspring won 4 of the 5 color Championships and Reserve in the other. Then winning Supreme with his daughter Kanita, a 35 month old Brown female. Our #1 focus is on conformation-ally correct animals, with the correct leg set and straight back line and correct balance. Also we are very picky about the correct Jaw Set. We then focused on adding dense, consistent fibre with low SD's. Our own breeding experience shows that Conformation correctness takes a lot longer to achieve and if overlooked, takes at least 3 generations to knock out a fault. Know what to look for and be very critical on your selection :) We have heavily culled any animals that are poor milkers, reproductive flaws and crazy to work with.